Our Story

Of all the senses that bring back fond memories of the past, it is our sense of smell that delivers this the strongest. Whenever we smell a particular, familiar scent, we are magically brought back in time; as if we were in that very same place again. Candles create such a proverbial atmosphere.

Growing up, our paternal grandmother used to light beeswax candles or vanilla scented candles whenever we observed any family tradition in the ancestral house like prayer meetings, block rosaries, the Angelus, birthday celebrations or annual fiestas. In solemnity or in festivity, Grandma’s legendary candles would always fill up the room, its scent lingering. 

This nice smelling scent thus became such a fixture of my childhood. And perhaps because of this influence, I have unknowingly collected candles from trips abroad over the years, along with my sister. Some of these candles, older than my nephews even, remain intact and unlit in my sister’s house today.

Candles have become my gift essentials to friends and relatives. They bring warmth, romance and coziness; they warm the soul. Handmade and carefully concocted, they are even more special. And all these influences are the reasons why my hand-poured candles came to be. I chose to name my special variety candle collection, “Amber Lights”.

Amber Lights Laguna

… a collection for premium scented soya candle, reed difussers and room sprays that will take you back to the old happy times.