Sweet Lemongrass

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Bursting with freshness, lemongrass and lime delight the senses. Bright lemongrass and juicy lime top notes meld seamlessly with sweet middle notes of black currant and earthy touches of sage and thyme. The fragrance is deepened with base notes of soothing patchouli and light musk. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or boost your energy in the morning, this will surely brighten up your day.

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*100% all-natural, all organic and environment-friendly products.
* Soy Wax is eco-friendly
* Paper Braided Wick
*No toxins, Carcinogens, or pollutants
* Phthalate Free

* Burns longer than paraffin candles

A Collection of  Premium Scented Soya Candles.
All soy candle sizes could last longer depending on the room condition.
May last longer when lit in air-conditioned rooms.

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