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Soothe The Mind to Balance The Body

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Fragrances affects feelings. When you smell pleasant scents this attracts calmness and soothes our minds. The same time as you smell through inhalation, there is physiological action on your body, in dependent of the the sense of smell. This demonstrate the importance of using scents that you find pleasing. if you dislike an aroma, despite its potential beneficial physical action on your body, the over all effect will be lessened.

The action of scents on the mind and feeling is complex and subtle. The fragrance tends to balance and normalise the body, rather that just stimulate or sedate it, and this is a similar action on the feelings. Fragrance have a complementary affinity with certain parts of the body, mind and emotions.

Treat yourselves with Amber Lights Laguna Day at the Spa soy candle and reed diffuser to calm down your body, while simultaneously softening the emotions and uplifting your mind.

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