Our Refill Service

Why not try my refill service and save some money?

Who can get a refill?

We offer the refill service for anyone who lives in the Alabang area. Just get in touch with us. We usually ask you to drop the empty containers to our Market Liberty Stall at Evia Lifestyle Center and we will deliver the finished product back to you.

What can I get refilled?
We can refill any non – combustible container with natural soy wax and your choice of fragrance.
If you have containers you love, don’t throw them out – refill them!

How much will it cost?
Refill costs vary depending on the size of your container.
As a guide, generally the cost is 20% off the original price.

What you need to do?
Contact us to arrange drop off of the empty containers.
Containers should be dropped off in a clean and ready to fill condition.
If you want us to clean them for you, a fee of 20.00 per container will apply.
Let us know what fragrance/s you would like.
When they are ready we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery time and location.
Then you get to ENJOY your new candles!