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Scenterpiece of the Week: As Gold as Ginger

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For our first Scenterpiece, we’ll be featuring one of our spicier scents, Ginger.

It should be no surprise that something unearthed from the tropics, could bring so much warmth to one’s home. This is a common ingredient in Asian cooking. You may remember it in your chicken porridge, which is often cooked when you had a temperature or a runny nose. But, ginger has many more health benefits and the consumption of ginger actually also calms the heart.

You can enjoy this candle in the bedroom or in the tub after a long day. Ginger has the ability lower blood pressure, alleviate nausea and treat a migraines, I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that much about a simple root? It even hast the ability to clear one’s passage ways.

That is why it would make sense to set this candle at the dining table, by letting its deep spicy scent envelop you. You are actually stimulating your sense of smell, thus whetting your appetite. I can say that the essence of ginger won’t take away from the enjoyment of supper time. I can even imagine it, enhancing the aromas of a hearty dinner, like a golden ham with steamed vegetables.

With its enticing aroma and healing qualities, it would be hard not to enjoy this Amber Lights candle especially during the cool -ber months.


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