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How to Remove Pet Odor?

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Pet ownership comes with unique challenge No matter what & how well you care and groom for your animals, sometimes they can present an odor that may not put up your efforts. Pet Odors are sometimes inevitable specially if you have 2 or more cutie furry friends. Surely Regular cleaning , vaccuming and baking soda and  activated Charcoal could definitely help take off the stinks but you also  want to keep their space smelling nice and clean with  Amber Lights  Laguna Without A Trace Odor Eliminator

Here is how: On a dipper with water, squirt 4 to 6 of amber Lights Laguna “Without a Trace” Odor Eliminator, soak a clean cloth on the solution and wipe your pet’s cage or basket. Be sure to change their blankets too. Do this once a week.

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