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This is it Boracay closed by midnight of April 26

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“BORACAY ISLAND, AKLAN–Local officials will close Boracay to tourists starting midnight on today “with or without” an executive order issued by President Duterte.

In a press conference following a security simulation exercise along the long beach, Malay Mayor Ciceron Cawaling and Caticlan port administrator Nieven Maquirang said they would implement “the President’s order.”

Only residents and workers with identification cards and terminal passes will be allowed to purchase boat tickets and go to the island from the Caticlan jetty port.”

For most local tourist like me when I think of a place to go for a sun tan and have fun under the sun, Boracay or “Bora” is the ultimate destination for its  blue waters and prestine white sandy beach.  Unfortunately, shop and hotel owners miss out on taking care of the island.  I hope that the 6 months renovation closure of the island would bring back Boracay’s glory and be open once again to the public.

In the meantime we have more beautiful beach destination we can explore and admire. But saying such we also have to be more mindful of what we bring and leave. here are some tips how  we local tourist can preserve our beaches.

1. Take Care of your Trash (Properly)
Be Sure to recycle any plastics you use at home or bring to the beach.  Bring a small trash bag and pick up those trash you encounter while having your leisure walk by the beach. Dispose your trash properly, make sure you find the matching trash bins for the items you got.

2. Change your packaging
Along with the recycling disposable packaging, why not switch to a more eco-friendly option? Try reusable glass, wood or metal instead, also try biodegradable plastics to decrease the amount of leftover packaging littering the shores.

3. Feed yourself, not the animals
if you do decide to bring food to the beach make sure it’s for you, and only you. Don;t disrupt the diets of the animals, such as birds or fishes, that are sharing the shore and the sea with you.

4. Cut the 6 pack
Don’t worry, you don’t have to cut beer out of your enjoyment to help out. Simply  cut apart the plastic wrappings of your 6pack to make sure marine animals don’t get caught in the holes.

5. Join a clean- up
If you live near the beach, tag along to a local clean up. Team up with an organisation or plan it yourself. Check out the clean up drive the local government has planned and join them on the date.

6. Adopt a beach
Wanna go step further? Take a beach under your wing! as an organisation, community or group, you and your fellow beach lovers can adopt an area to regularly maintain the clean up.

7. Consume sustainably caught seafood
if you eat seafood, eat what is locally caught to sustain livelihood of the locals.

8. Change your sunscreen
Buy organic sunscreens, or look with a sun protectant with safe ingredients. Keep your skin safe from harm, while also decreasing potential threat to the ocean.

9. Be an ocean friendly pet owner
If you bring your pets to the beach, make sure to clean up after them, Even if you are no where near the sea, read pet food labels, neve flush cat litter down the drain, and don’t mix wild caught saltwater fish with your aquarium friends( or the other way around)

10. Take a safe trip
When you’re planning on taking your trip off-land, make sure to travel the waters responsibly. Be respectful kayaker, canoer or boater by acknowledging the presence of marine life ( Do no throw anything overboard!)

11. Donate to the cause
Give money to the charity!  You can donate to a local organisation close to your ocean loving heart. You can also contribute by supporting marine national park  in the area.

12. Spread the word
Talk to your family and friend about all you learned and educate everyone you love so that they can help do their part to protect the ocean we have.

My small family  Amber Lights Laguna  are planning to go to an outing on a nearby beach resort soon. I am going to share this to them and to practice ,it we will do a mini clean up drive along the beach too. =)

Enjoy your summer trip to the beach with these tips in mind. Remember we have to do it better this time!

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